PMM H0 – Anglia

Polish Modular Layout H0 – this name is associated with the modular layout built for a few years in various parts of our country in the H0 size, based on guidelines drawn up.

Polish Modular Layout H0 is not only about the sections of layout. These is above all people – modellers and sympathizers of the modelling who prefer the specific, realistic way of constructing layouts and (or rather than that) kind of the game with the miniature of real, Polish railways.

That is why a purpose of all people who identify themselves with ideas of the Polish Modular Layout is  not only constructing  the sections of layout, being realistic reflection of the Polish landscape, railway devices and also track systems. A realism is of course a main, but not the only one characteristic of this layout.

The Modellers Group PMM H0 was also formed in order to enable it members gaming of real railway. Therefore at least twice a year meetings are being organised (the best are „closed” –  that is without the audience participation or „partly closed” – that is with the certain, determined availability for people from outside of the group), on which individual sections of layout are being joined together in order to create the fragment of railway in miniature.